Little Things Matter

Welcome back to my self-indulgent muse & chat session! Reading so much online stuff about diabetes can be daunting!! I have chosen through doctor referrals and much research to stick to my Keto diet and TRE way of eating as talked about in my previous blog.

The first thing I’ve noticed in the many support groups I’ve joined in a search to find the one that’s right for me, is that a lot of people go all out.. stumble and then lack the motivation to get back on that ole pony. I’m more of a work my way in until it’s sustainable type.

I started by following what’s loosely called ‘Dirty Keto‘ to get rid of the EVIL CARBS. Baby steps! (best description of this and Clean or STraight Keto I could find: )

I then graduated to Clean Keto once the carb cravings subsided. I could feel the change in my overall energy level and my mood seemed to be neutral, no rollercoaster emotional trains!

After the first month attempting to do this while waiting for a call from the Metabolic Clinic my doctor referred me to I got my appointment with the clinic and the real Journey began!

They provided me with a list of foods to mix and match to come up with meal ideas and then explained that I should begin a TRE schedule of 19:5. So for those not yet investigating this lifestyle change, TRE stands for Time Restricted Eating. the 19 is hours with no eating, the 5 is whats called a feeding window. Don’t get the idea you can eat and graze over the 5 hours… no no no!! You only eat 2 meals during that time. one starts at whatever time you chose, then by the end of the 5 hours you must have taken the last bite of your second meal. NO SNACKING.

So back to the support group thing, the group I remained in, associated with the clinic, uses a lot of acronyms and the one I love the most? NSV – Non-Scale Victory. The little things.

My list is short, but as this journey progresses I expect it will grow too! To date the ones I have so far would be:

Old Jewelery fits again

Clothing sizes have gone down or things are stupidly loose.

my skin is clearer and the reddish ruddy look is gone.

BUT the best one? I haven’t had a headache in over 2 weeks now. This is huge for me.

I’ve come to find that the scale is not the important thing, all the other NSV’s are where it’s at.

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At 51, I stopped. Stopped with excuses. This blog will be both my public accountability as well as my way of sharing as I learn. Come join the journey, either as a witness or fellow participant!

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