Honesty and Accountability

Since I decided this would be my public accountability, I figure I need to admit to embarrassing things, but at the same time I get to brag, believe me I will, about the changes, victories both NSV and Scale ones.

So the basics:

Age 51

Starting weight (2 weeks ago) 242

Height – 5’2″ for those of you running to a BMI chart, it was 43.9 Morbidly Obese

Diabetes T2

High Cholesterol

Blood Pressure: 146/101 Average with pulse at 76

Exercise – None

Images from June 10 after a few weeks of Lazy Keto

As things progress I will post updates! I look forward to positive changes! Also interested in other peoples changes if they want to share! comment below or link to your own blog if you are on a life journey!

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At 51, I stopped. Stopped with excuses. This blog will be both my public accountability as well as my way of sharing as I learn. Come join the journey, either as a witness or fellow participant!

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