Sunday Reflect, Reset and No Regrets

Sunday is going to be my quiet day this week! All kinds of good things happening next week!

Housekeeping post:

  1. I signed up for the first exercise program I’m going to give a try! Hopefully I can get a pic or two to share, as this will be funny… for you, probably not so much for me! Kickboxing! Yes that’s right! I’m going to learn how to punch and kick things properly!
  2. Blood Sugars are nicely sitting between 4.6 and 5.2 pre and post meals so I’m really looking forward to seeing the lab results in September!
  3. Weight is now down to 225 lbs! that’s 17 down in 2 weeks. pictures below from just prior to start date and the second one is from Friday.
  4. Still astonished at how much energy I have daily!
Left taken June 2019 Right taken July 12 2019 Two week progress.

Onwards and downwards!!

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At 51, I stopped. Stopped with excuses. This blog will be both my public accountability as well as my way of sharing as I learn. Come join the journey, either as a witness or fellow participant!

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