Feelings, Highs and Lows

I had an appointment with a really helpful Holistic Nutritionist today. I realized as I chatted about what I knew, how I was dealing with things and what I wanted help with, that I REALLY want to help other people feel better too!

She mentioned that the physical progression was great, and felt that I should share the other changes that have happened so far, that they might help other people feel less alone, maybe help them take the step to help themselves!

My list to date of changes when I started noting them was better than even I thought! somehow sharing my happiness over the little things made them make more sense and added more value.

  1. Energy level – mentally and physically. I just felt more inclined to tackle things like cleaning, or walking or shopping, nothing seemed overwhelming any more.
  2. My anxiety over public places and ‘people’ has all but gone. I really stepped out of my comfort zone today and went to that kickboxing class and loved every minute of it!! (more on that tomorrow)
  3. My constant mood swings, anger, short temper, sadness have not reared their ugly heads since cutting out sugar.
  4. Sleep!! I have fallen into a natural rhythm of sleeping at around 10 pm (tonight being an exception as I am still not quite down from my exercise high!!) and waking between 6 and 7. no alarms and no waking every 1/2 hour in a panic over some fear in my head over things I can’t control.
  5. Clarity, this is probably the most important one of all. Shortly after cutting out sugar and lowering carbs to under 20 gr a day ( all from veggies and some fruit) I found myself remembering things better, being able to understand things I read or was told without having to reread or replay or ask someone to repeat (granted my hearing has me ask for repeats, but not from lack of focus!) It was like a fog had lifted and everything was clearer and made sense again!

The one thing that has become super important to me is that I get that none of this is a competition, I’m not in a race. I’m making changes, listening to what my body tells me and adjusting along the way. I can listen to other’s NSVs and see their before and after pics and maybe pick up things to try in my own journey! That’s the key, you need to remember it’s your journey, not anyone else’s.

Tonight I posted in a support group I’m in on FB that “Baby steps are okay, every step in the right direction will benefit you!” It’s true. cut out the daily treats, make them special again, eat in a way that’s beneficial to your body, in a way that you know you can sustain. don’t ‘diet’, make positive life changes. Every one counts.

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At 51, I stopped. Stopped with excuses. This blog will be both my public accountability as well as my way of sharing as I learn. Come join the journey, either as a witness or fellow participant!

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