Downtime can be upbeat

Everyone should have downtime. If you aren’t allowing your mind and body time to take in everything you’ve seen and done and accept it, it takes a toll on you.

I’ve been doing a load of me time for the last few months. School is a lot to take in! I’m really enjoying it and glad I made the decision to do this for me. My health journey has been a bit of a bumpy ole country road at the same time. I’m learning what my body likes and doesn’t like, and what it needs for me to feel happy and healthy!

As an Holistic Nutritionist in training, I’m in love with food and what it means to my body. I’m enjoying the changes in how I feel!

I’ve also learned that downtime, can be anything that takes you out of your daily grind and lets you ‘reset’ yourself.

Your favorite song comes up on your playlist or on the radio? Sing along, dance around, go with how you feel. That upbeat few minutes or seconds even, can reset you and make that next step feel less of a grind.

I had an all day webinar to attend today, and although it’s not physically draining, it has left me feeling tired and a load of information swirling around in my head.

So I’m off to take a few minutes of quiet breathing and maybe, if my song comes on, I’ll dance and hum along.

Thank you to those of you who contacted me in the last few months, I appreciated the check in!

As usual, if you want to connect with me, or share a story, comment below or email me!

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At 51, I stopped. Stopped with excuses. This blog will be both my public accountability as well as my way of sharing as I learn. Come join the journey, either as a witness or fellow participant!

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