Happily Happy with one less pill!

Earlier this year I was put on a ‘happy pill’ to help with my anxiety and depression. My situation of being isolated by helping out with my Mom ( Parkinson’s Disease) and my Dad and his memory issues and becoming panicked at the idea of being looked at or judged over my slowly expanding self.

Today when I saw my doctor, after 10 min of general catching up and reviewing my official 10 Kg (22 lbs probably 80 more to go) lost and my over all change in energy levels and confidence, she suggested that I could probably stop taking that little yellow pill.

I’m most hopeful that this will be a medication in my history now. I told her I would stop for 2 weeks and make notes on any changes. (not quite ready to give up the security blanket.)

Everyone is so different on their reactions with foods, everyone has their demons. I’m hopeful that my Diabetes Hellhound and my Cholesterol Daedra will be following the ‘happy little pill’ into my drug history too!

I am thankful at having the opportunity to change my life, grow into a new me and hopefully gain extra years in the journey too. The knowledge I was given to start and the path it’s taking me along have been just the push I needed .

So many things in life I dreamed of trying are starting to look like they might be reality, my bucket list is growing by the page lately! Old hobbies are on my radar again!

I hope you all are enjoying something in life, it makes all the other stuff so much more bareable.

Butt Kicking received, earned and almost lasted until the very end!

The first exercise chosen to try to see if it would be a fit for me was last night… let me tell ya, I got my butt kicked and I loved every second of the intense HIIT , stretching, technique learning, partnering exercises and experience!

Kickboxing is fun, challenging and all the butt jokes are based on the fact that late last night and this morning, the only muscles really feeling it are my glutes!

To start off, the staff is super friendly and helpful. The place is clean and inviting, and the other tortured souls are friendly too. A definite family feel to the whole experience. This helped me to fight off my minor anxiety attack immediately!

The level of experience varied within the class, but the instructors were attentive and would show me modified versions when I wasn’t up to the full intensity of the class.

I left feeling 1000% proud of myself, even though a mere 4 minutes before the end I had to step out as I felt a little light headed. Out of shape me needs some serious exercising in between to get myself up to where I’ll really benefit from the classes, but I’m really looking forward to my next class!! I’ll be there with gloves on! ( mine were supplied as part of the class fee and are a pretty pink. )

If you’re thinking of trying this yourself, I would recommend this company and especially their Thornhill branch! I love Kickboxing https://www.facebook.com/ilovekickboxingthornhill/ .

But research locally for you and look for deals!

I’m on a Journey

This year, I decided that I needed to STOP.

Stop the fear of what other people think or say about me.

Stop procrastinating on getting healthy.

Stop letting everyone and everything come before myself.

So I sucked in my fears and April 2019, took step 1 – I called my doctor.

This one call started a ball rolling that I am really grateful for. My Diabetes was way out of control, my cholesterol was more in control that I, and my weight was a bit shocking. Here’s the thing, my doctor threw me a life line. Keto and IF (Intermittent Fasting). The true name for what I am currently following is TRE – Time Restricted Eating.

A day for me at the moment looks like this:

Wake at 6:00 am (body seems to like that time, I am not using an alarm)

Take morning Blood Sugar test

Exercise and drink water with the occasional salt added to help with electrolytes ( mom asked if they were used to help the blood find it’s way in the dark… I cringed.

Morning coffee – black or sometimes Bulletproof (I add a little butter)

wait a bit, test blood pressure, check email and social media while finishing the coffee.

11:00 am – Food time. I am eating a Ketogenic Diet, so I usually scramble an egg and add some cucumber to cleanse my palette, and bacon or small breakfast sausages til I feel satiated. At this point the medications I am on are taken.

The rest of the day I work on art, or find things to do around the house as I help mom with whatever she may need! (Mom has Parkinson’s, diagnosed over 22 years ago)

At around 3:30 or 4:00 pm I eat dinner. Lots of veggies, salads, steaks, salmon. all kinds of choices. I eat whatever I’ve chosen until I’m satiated again.

That’s it! Then I spend the evening doing whatever comes up! read, watch a show, play a game.

It’s been just over a week. The changes have been a great surprise! I’ve lost some weight (12 lbs so far), I’ve moved down T-shirt and pant sizes and my energy level is the best part! I actually went looking for an exercise to start.

I’m slowly working the time I exercise for up and will start looking for a fun way to continue this new love of moving!

The other added bonus – I don’t have constant headaches.

I also made the decision to go back to school for natural nutrition. I’ll muse, rant and chat about that starting in September I’m sure!

So for now, I’ll wish everyone a great Wednesday and will M C and R at you again soon!